23 September 2008

Medical Word of the Day: apyrexial

A week ago today was the season premiere of the medical drama House. I used to love House until my medical knowledge increased because of my course and I could tell what was going on. There went the suspense. The show just wasn't that fun anymore. My friend Sharon who is a nurse had the same thing with ER (that and the fact that she said it was all fake).

Not that I want to ruin anyone else's fun, but a little medical knowledge benefits anyone who actually wants to know what their doctor is saying. That, and it doesn't hurt when you can impress your friends or win at Jeopardy or Trivial Pursuit.

Apyrexial: absence or intermission of fever.

As in, when the doctor tells you that you are apyrexial, it means you don't have a fever.

1 comment:

Thelma said...

I am please to say that I am currently apryrexial.
See? I even used it in the sentence!

Can I just say how jealous I am of you being back in the Valley?
I miss that West Coast rain!