10 September 2008


Some of you may be wondering about the name of this blog: West Coast Grace.

I wasn't going to pick a blog name that had to do with location. Knowing us, we could easily pick up and move again one day and then I'd have to think up another blog name. I was going to call it Living Under Grace, because that phrase has stayed with ever since I used it for my 10 Year Reunion write-up. I wanted this blog to reflect something important to me and perhaps also be a reminder to me, every time I login, that I do live under Grace every day of my life.

Well, the blogging powers that be said I couldn't.

Hence the name West Coast Grace and the description below it. You can't have a name like that without any mention of the sometimes torrential rain this region gets. The first time it poured since our move back I stood by our deck window amazed at the power. To be honest, I kind of missed it.

And just like the previous blog, this one will be a mishmash of life with my family, rants about medical transcription, and whatever else that comes along that tickles my fancy or catches my eye...

West Coast Grace. ..because His Grace pours down like the West Coast rain... That's what I want to be and what I am. Drenched with His Grace. Everyday.

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