17 December 2008

open letter

Open letter to the Residents of the fair city of Abbotsford:

RE: Driving in inclement weather.

I understand that driving in snowy conditions can be dangerous. Before I had experience in driving in these kinds of conditions, I too was apprehensive when at the wheel on a snowy road.

However, bad road conditions is no reason for all good driving habits to be discarded. So how can I explain why the person in front of me was driving 20 km/hour on a fairly clear road and the person behind was tailgating me? I was going so slow I could have been going backwards, but actually I couldn't because I would have gotten rear-ended.

As it seems like this snow and cold weather is going to continue for a few more days at least, we need to collectively recover our road sense and minimize the stress of drivers who actually know how to make their way on snowy roads.

Thank you.



P.S. Just to let you know that people throughout the country look at how we react to and drive in this kind of weather and LAUGH AT US. Let's keep our self respect.

1 comment:

Thelma said...

LOL! *snort*

Seriously... laughing out loud over here. My coworker thinks I'm laughing at her!