19 February 2009

bread maker

That's me. We don't use a machine in our household, our bread is fresh, made from scratch, and there are no unpronounceable ingredients in it (flour, yeast, honey, canola oil, and salt, there you have it). For less than it costs to buy a good loaf of bread from the grocery store we have fresh made bread every week.

But of all my times making bread, yesterday was the pinnacle, the apex, the zenith... the most perfectly shaped, perfectly golden brown loaves I have ever had the honour of pulling out of the oven... I have made bread many times, but they have never looked like this! Needless to say I was pretty pleased. Because though it always tastes good, I am not a pro at the aesthetics of bread making. Sometimes they look downright hilarious and could aptly be called mutant loaves. If I was a baker I would have been fired a long time ago based purely on my inability to shape bread dough. But yesterday I left that all behind...

What's that you say? Where are the pictures of those lovely loaves? They were attacked before I could grab the camera. Apparently they were too good not to slice up and slather with butter.

One thing I like about the internet is that if someone is passionate about a topic, there will be a blog about it. If you're interested in learning more about all things bread go to A Year in Bread.

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