02 February 2009

word of the day: propinquity

I love words, especially words that sound interesting or are fun to say... some words you just want to say over and over again... letting them slide over your tongue like tiramisu or chocolate mousse... like the word slowly...

Propinquity is one of those words. It even has a wonderful meaning: (noun) nearness in space, time or relationship.

Origin: Latin propinquitas (nearness), from prope (near).

I don't know if I'll ever use this word in daily life or in a future novel, but it sure is fun to say.


Pat said...

That is really cool. It reminds me of David's love for words.
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Anonymous said...

Does M like it when you try on new words ? Ray hates it when I do (Which is not very often as I am not an avid reader. )
Anyways, I have your blog saved under fav's now, but don't count on me reading it all the time, 'k?