28 March 2009

in conclusion

This past week I finished my course.

This is big news. It means that the work, effort and stress I poured into three years and three months of my life is over... not to mention that during that time I was almost hospitalised, had a baby, and moved across the province... all the while being able to maintain decent grades.

In some ways, though, I feel as if I was cheated out of some sort of opportunity of tying up loose ends. I was going to call this blog entry "Where's my denouement?" I feel like I went straight from the climax of the story right to the conclusion. The stress and hard work never let up and then with one final telephone conversation with my practicum supervisor and one very good evaluation it was over. Done. Say your farewells... and these people that have been an integral part of my life for three years are suddenly just not there anymore. Not to mention the work, online discussions, emails, etc.

I'm excited of course. It is an accomplishment whatever my feelings are about it. It is good to be done and to know I've done well. But the sudden-ness of the whole thing is what has me feeling a little like the rope holding me to the Medical Transcription dock has come loose. My wonderful instructors at Selkirk were the ones that kept me going with encouragement and support. Now they're gone and I'm left to navigate these waters by myself... a newbie MT. And it is change of course. No matter how many times I complained about working on this blog, it still was a major part of my life for three years and there will be some adjustment as I get used to that.

But the good news for all my readers is that there won't be any more Friday night procrastination rants and complaints, when I was supposed to be working and obviously not applying myself very well.

The next part of the journey? Finding a job. Wish me luck... and I'll keep you posted.

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Polly said...

YAY!! That is of course for you Di, while bitter sweet it is nice that the schooling part is done and you don't have that "school" pressure anymore. So as you look for a job...relax darling you deserve it!!