07 June 2010

when 3 become 4: back to the beginning

When 3 become 4.

And move into a new house.

All in the same week.

It's an understatement to write that things got a little crazy.

Little E was born at a trim 6 lbs. 15 oz. at 12:30 in the afternoon on Monday, January 25, 2010. She was the smallest and cutest little thing I'd ever seen. Whereas A was fitting into 3 month onesies a week after she was born, I actually had to go out and buy tiny newborn onesies to fit my new little girlie.

That Friday, only 4 days later, we moved into our new house! All week, while A stayed at her grandparent's house and I reveled in E's newborn cuteness, M was busy packing, moving, cleaning, organizing, etc. and building a new storage room in our new place.

We spent our first night there on Friday and the next day A came home to a new house and a new baby sister all in one swoop.

The next few months were busy, almost a blur, so say the least. So many things were going on at once: minor house renos, more unpacking and organizing, getting used to a new baby, getting used to having two little ones, having an older child adjust to a new sibling and all that entailed....

E is four months old now, so we've been in our house for four months. It seems like we're finally coming up for air after a long, grueling swim. We're poking our heads above the surface of the water and saying to ourselves: Wow, things are getting done, rooms are painted, gardens are barkmulched, vegetables are planted, and things are slowly making their way to their rightful places (maybe even after several temporary ones).

And now that the weird rainy May weather has passed (it is the West Coat after all), and the sun seems to be smiling on a sunny June, sitting on our deck and looking over our nice, big, green backyard hearing A play there, it feels pretty darn good.

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