21 December 2010

My Favourite Things Monday (on a Tuesday)

This week's theme was favourite kitchen gadget. I have two that I dearly love. I may not use them all the time, but when I use them, I feel better about the task at hand.

The first is a grapefruit knife. We have become reacquainted over the past few months as the Summer and Fall fruits have slowly ebbed in freshness and availability. With Winter comes the grapefruit and this curved knife makes eating it all the easier because not only can you separate the fruit from the outer rind, you can also cut the segments into separate pieces. Genius. The job becomes that much more fun if the grapefruit is exceptionally juicy. Breakfast!

Mine is not exactly like this because I ordered my a long time ago from Pampered Chef, but apparently they don't cell them anymore.

My other favourite is this:

I have three of these in varying sizes ranging from medium to extra large. They are real wood. They are made in France. They are a good handful. They make me feel like a real chef when I'm cooking. Because the closest thing to a real chef I'm going to get right now is only just to feel like one. Again, mine are not exactly like this one. I ordered mine a couple of years ago from Victorian Epicure and they don't sell them anymore. I may just cry if any of mine break and I can't find a suitable replacement.

If you're wondering why I wasn't enterprising enough to take pictures of my own things and post them on here - I have a baby and a preschooler and I work and it's Christmas and I haven't even downloaded the family picture I'm going to use for my Christmas card yet. Meaning I haven't even sent out cards yet.

But I still have 3 more days. I should be fine.

Photos courtesy of Chef Tools Online

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