07 December 2010

My Favourite Things Monday

I've been trying to think of ways to keep me blogging in ways other than regular updates of Medical Word of the Day. Although it helps me remember odd medical words and could provide some interest to other logophiles out there, I wanted something a little more personal to write about. My friend Thelma started this weekly entry about some of her favourite things. This could be fun.

This week's entry was a favourite spice. Mine is Bay Leaves. I love the name in French - feuille de laurier. Makes me think of the name Laura and former prime minister Wilfrid Laurier (yes I am an unapologetic history geek). I love the scent and I love the taste. But most of all I love this new recipe I discovered in an old file of mine where it calls for bay leaves that have been crushed and sprinkled over chicken as it braising. The full beauty and richness of bay leaves is fully released when you do this, in a way that dropping a few leaves in a pot of soup or spaghetti sauce does not. Delicious.

And yes, I know I posted this on a Tuesday, but really, time goes by fast enough already, are you going to quibble about a day?

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Thelma said...

Thanks for playing!

I think I have an aversion to bay leaves dating back to my childhood: my mom would forget to fish it out of the soup, and it would end up in my mouth. That's a lot of bay leaf for a small person!