10 January 2011

it's a wonderful life: a list

1. I watched It's a Wonderful Life for the first time in my life this past holiday season. It was wonderful (sorry for that). It struck me as kind of A Christmas Carol in reverse. Whereas Scrooge needs a hard push by the ghosts to get him to see the errors of his ways, George Bailey needs a nudge to see the value of a life lived generously, a life lived out of love for others. It was a wonderful (there it is again!) way to take a break from the wonderful busy-ness and craziness of our holiday season.

2. Big White. We started off our holidays with a quick trip to Big White with some friends. What a great visit. The men skied. The women talked like only good friends can and relaxed while the kids played and entertained each other. When a couple of good, old friends get together, it always feels like a holiday. And when a weekend away feels like a week-long holiday, it's even better.

3. Playing tourist in my own backyard. I love it when out of town guests come and I get to see my neck of the woods through new eyes. Although the new eyes still viewed the Olympic torch as an eyesore. Robson Street, Granville Island, Tsunami Sushi, the Aquarium... Vancouver is a wonderful city, but abnormally cold... Baby E spent the day at Granville Island being bundled up as we trundled along. A couldn't get enough of the whales, otters, Nemo fish, dolphins, sharks, turtles, sea horses, birds.... she was talking about them for weeks afterwards. I see National Geographic in her future...

4. I mentioned family. We had hosts of out of town guests here in BC for Christmas and New Years. It was busy. It was fun. We stayed out way too late. We ate way too much good food. And then we got sick and it wasn't so fun anymore. But then we all got better and went right back at it. We got an extended holiday mode because some family didn't leave until the week after New Years. It took us a week to recover, which is the reason you're reading this now instead of before.

5. I feel like this list needs five items. It cannot be complete without a number five. Here's my wish to you for a wonderful, grace-full 2011!

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