10 October 2008


I know September has been over for a few weeks now, but I came across this passage while reading an author who has never failed to make laugh out loud, causing my husband and brother-in-law to give me strange looks. If you ever have a chance to read any of the stories from The Vinyl Cafe by Stuart McLean do so.

As I read this passage I had to chuckle, as M and I found ourselves in the same situation:

from Home from the Vinyl Cafe,

September is the most beguiling of the months. It is the month that won't let go of summer and it is the month that calls from the crow's nest of the year and announces, in the thinning air and morning dew, that summer is gone and autumn is already here. One day September will lull you into believing that you should assemble your things and mount a picnic on a Saturday afternoon - September is made for Saturdays. But when Saturday comes, you spend the morning fumbling around in the attic, looking for sweaters, because it is raining and cold. You look at the picnic supplies you gathered and you wonder how you could have been so misguided.

September is a month for plans and a month for no plans. The month of full shelves and empty fields. A time for leave-taking and taking stock. It is the end of summer and the beginning of all that is to come.


Jo said...

We LOVE the Vinyl Cafe! Stuart McLean is hilarious! We listen to him every Saturday morning if we're not busy.

Thelma said...

Gotta love Stuart McLean!

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