15 October 2008

Six Things That Make Me Happy

In her tag, May specified that these things cannot be every day things, they have to be specific to me. It seems weird to me that not everyone would enjoy these things, perhaps we can learn from eachother's little quirks and expand our horizons a bit.

Be patient with me, my things take some time to explain:

1) Clean sheets. Clean pjs. Clean self. There really is nothing like the feeling of climbing into a bed made with crisp, freshly laundered sheets (double points if they have been hung on a line!) in clean, comfy pajamas after a nice, long, hot bath or shower. You just feel clean from head to toe, inside and out, surrounded by a nice scent and you just sink into bed. A thick, warm, soft, cuddly duvet also helps.

2) Turkey. This requires some explanation. As I don't live at home anymore, it's been a long time since I actually experienced it, but in thinking about turkey (as Thanksgiving was this week) it brought to mind these memories, which never fail to bring a smile to my face: groggily waking up at 6 in the morning hearing clinking noises in the kitchen and then the oven door opening and closing. This is a Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter tradition. Something about those noises makes you feel that all is right and ordered in the world because you know Mom is getting that bird ready... Coming home from Christmas service with carols in your heart and on your voice, you enter the kitchen and are welcomed by the rich, meaty, spicy smell of roasting turkey and stuffing. This is one of the things I missed when I moved out and what I looked forward to when we stayed there when visiting (when we used to live out of town). I will be missing out on this now that we live back in town.

3) Words. Good, strong, descriptive words... A lot of people like reading, but how many people can say they savour a good, funny, unusual, word? This is one of the reasons I started my "Medical Word of the Day" blogs. I just had to share these words that I would never come across in day to day life. Plus they look and sound fun to say: Borborygmi - need I say more?

4) Musicals. Yes, as in movies where the actors and actresses, overcome with emotion (happy, sad, silly), spontaneously break out into song. Rogers and Hammerstein, The Sound of Music, Bing Crosby, Mary Poppins, Sinatra, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers... I just can't help myself. Old movies can be included in this as a subcategory. Indeed, sometimes it seems I am the only one my age who has seen and likes Casablanca and I own it.

5)Time to Say Goodbye... I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it, sung by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman. One of my very good friends played it on the piano during the signing of the register at my wedding... sigh...shivers...

6)A good cigarette. I am not smoker, but sometimes there are those moments, like sitting cross-legged on a floating dock at the end of a scorching day, and the lake is giving the warmth back to us and reminding us how hot the day was (as if we had forgotten)... my best girl friends are there to enjoy this moment with me (they know who they are) perhaps there is a Corona in my other hand, perhaps a G&T... in any case, a Benson & Hedges 100 (they are the long cigarettes because I never could find one of those elegant cigarette holders) is so apropos...

And now to tag... well, not a lot of my friends have blogs... but Pauly has one, so she is tagged!

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cara said...

ok, i was with you until the last one. i suppose one could say that as i have never actually smoked, or even tried, a cigarette that i don't know what i am missing. but, ick, the thought just creeps me out. now a Corono or a G&T - those i am all over. or gulping in this case. :)