28 October 2008

medical word of the day: tests

In the last two days it seems my life has been about tests.

The test I wrote today marks one more milestone in the fits and starts that has been this medical transcription course. Or maybe it has just seemed to progress in fits and starts and lurches (and thus not smoothly) because of all the other things that have happened in the meantime.

However, this is the second last test that I will hopefully ever have to write for this course. As I type this blog entry now at 5:11 it is finished and emailed with all the trepidation of an early-teenage boy gathering up the courage to ask a girl out. Will she say yes?

Will I pass?

Wish me luck as I await the results.

I am now going to enjoy a much needed, restful night off, albeit a night off with no soothing glass of red wine as I am on antibiotics to waive off a possible kidney infection. I went for the proverbial blood and urine tests yesterday and am awaiting the results of those as well. Hopefully my GP and I have caught this one on time and can hit with some stronger medication and nip it in the bud, thus avoiding the extreme illness I experienced the first time.

These are two tests that I hope to fail.

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