14 November 2008

the right kind of tests to fail

Over the past two weeks I have started numerous blog entries only to have them fall by the wayside with lost interest...

The good news is that, if I had an infection it is gone! The uncertain news is that my Dr. is perplexed by my symptoms and so I am scheduled for an ultrasound in December to rule out cholecystitis or renal calculi (which are just fancy ways of saying gallbladder inflammation and kidney stones). So now I just have to wait, with occasional twinges of pain in my RUQ (right upper quadrant)although I am told that kidney stone sufferers experience pain so intense it feels like labour.

But what I am getting out of this experience is thankfulness that I know what is going in my body. I took my ultrasound requisition form and I read it and I know what it says. Before I used to go to the doctor and not really know what was going on except for a: "this is what I feel like" or "this is where the pain is". I used to take my prescription to the pharmacy and take all the pills the doctor prescribed without a second thought.

I am not suggesting everyone become an expert in medical terminology, but knowledge is power, especially when it has to do with your health.

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