10 December 2008

post #30: medical word of the day: anicteric

Things have been a little hectic here lately and if you were wondering why this blog has been quieter than normal, see the post a few entries down labelled: Hiding Part II.

The move went alright. We really like our new place, especially the quiet... this means no more sirens blaring past our place at all hours of the day and night. Our suite is always open for visitors, so if you're in the area let us know.

Of course after a stressful event comes a cold. I had a humdinger of a cold that lasted a week (I'm just starting to feel better) and moved from my head to my chest to finally reside in my sinuses... I once read a piece in a home medicine guide book that perfectly describes how I felt the entire week. It went something like this...

... do you feel so sick that you're afraid you're going to die? More to the point, do you feel so miserable that you're afraid you won't die?

All in good humour, sometimes head colds can make you feel that sick.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. The move is finished, cupboard by cupboard, room by room we are getting organized and pictures are being hung on the walls. I write my test on Dec 18 which means my coursework is finally done and I've only my practicum to do.

Last but not least, the return of the medical word of the day:

anicteric: without jaundice (icteric meaning, of course, jaundiced or with or having jaundice)

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