01 June 2009

summer is here

A numbered list, not it any particular order, of what has been happening lately in our West Coast Grace life...

100. The number of jobs it seems like I've applied for... online, etc.

7. The number of rejections I've received. What are the other 93 people doing? I'm not sure, but I'm hoping they're falling over themselves at my transcription credentials.

1000. The number of times I've worried about jobs and feeling discouraged that I've received no positive feedback. It's also the number of times I've reminded myself that God is taking care of us and that He will provide. As a friend of mine keeps repeating on her blog, God is good all the time!

3. The number of weeks filled with beautiful sunny days we've had down here. Nothing is better than sitting outside eating lunch or dinner or just hanging out... and forgetting to put sunblock on your legs and almost getting a second-degree burn! Annie has a slide and a little pool and there's no better way spending the afternoon reading a good book and watching her play and splash around.

2. The number of days this past weekend that we spent at the beach, first the lake and then the ocean. It's also the number of sea snails that Annie threw at me yesterday at Crescent Beach. I didn't enjoy that too much.

1. The number of new words Annie seems to come up with every day. It's amazing to watch as she learns and grows... every day brings a new word or phrase or adventure. She's such a joy (except when she's teething, which brings me to my next point...)

4. Teeth (eyeteeth, that is) that are coming in at the same time in her little mouth... I will be so happy when they're all in.

494. The number of pages in the latest book I'm reading, Paris 1919 about the Paris Peace conference after WWI. Not your usual light summer reading, but I've had my eye on it for a long time. I am a history major after all.

9. I wanted to reach 10, but apparently I've run out of things to say...

10. The End.

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Anonymous said...

Well Di, You can always have a job with us on the farm, packing fruit :) We would love to have you!