08 July 2009

good things come

I was going to give this entry the title "good things come in three's" and then I realised that though I was only going to write about three of the good things that have been happening in our west coast grace life, I could write about countless more!

1. The first good thing is making her/his appearance around January 13. Annie is getting a little brother or sister in the New Year. It was hard to be excited about it when I was sicker than a dog, but now the nausea seems to have passed, thankfully, and life can start getting back to normal. I think Annie was wondering what had happened to her Mommy.

2. The second good thing shows either that God has a sense of humour or that His timing just isn't the same as ours. After three months of job searching and sending out resumes to what seemed like every possible transcription company out there, I finally got a job! It's really exciting and the greatest part is that I get to start in a few weeks, after the sickness has passed. Wonderful...

3. The third thing is related to the first thing. I had wished that I could announce that we found a house and were moving. But now, it doesn't seem like such a big deal anymore. When we found out I was expecting house-hunting suddenly become such a big pressure and weight on us. We HAD to find a house soon, before the baby came, because we NEEDED more space. It was a huge stress on us and it wasn't pleasant. We talked and prayed a lot about it and figured out a few things: We are in a great place now, even though it isn't as big as we would like it. No one knows what the economy is going to do, no matter what the experts say. It doesn't really seem like a buyer's market, because sellers are getting what they're asking for or more, even for dumpy houses that need a lot of work. People have lived in small spaces before, like a six-child family living in a three-bedroom house; it's been done. The good thing is that the pressure is off! We're still going to look and if we find the house for us, we'll put an offer in, but it's now longer a stress and a weight and if we live for a few months in our two-bedroom suite with a baby and a toddler, we will be a bit cramped but we'll be okay. Contentment learned is a good thing.

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