16 August 2009


There have been a number of big changes in our west coast grace life these past few weeks. It seems life was sort of "on hold" until after we returned home from our vacation in Peachland and then it started pouring down us....literally - in the form of rain which was a nice change after the heat and humidity of the previous few weeks.

The biggest change of all was moving Annie into a big bed. M and I had been talking about it but were not in any big hurry. However, the day we got back from holidays, she took it upon herself to climb in and out of her crib not once, but five or six times. It was quite a feat let me tell you. She would grasp the railing and haul her little legs up and then literally fall in or out of the crib, whichever way she was planning to go. To prevent any injuries we decided, with much trepidation on my part after hearing numerous horror stories, of putting her in a "big girl" bed. It went surprisingly smoothly, with only a few days of her getting out of bed and playing with toys or trying to look through the window when she was supposed to be in bed sleeping. It was a bittersweet moment, seeing her so small lying on the big mattress, knowing she was my baby and realising she was growing up. She's only two and already I think she's getting way too big.

Another big change comes with me starting my new job. It's been going very good. In fact, it's only been about 3 weeks and I'm already through my training and onto being a full-fledged medical transcriptionist! After all the years of hard work, it is so good to have reached this goal. It's quite exciting to be actually working in the field I've studied for so long and I'm surprised that it's not as big of a change as I feared it was going to be, especially since I have a babysitter coming in once a week to take care of Annie. But she loves her Auntie P! I also think it's time to bring back the medical word of the day as well.

My body is also changing, making room for this baby. I think my stomach is smaller this time comparable with Annie, and I wonder where this baby actually is hiding. I guess it will pop out soon enough and I am enjoying the fact that I'm almost halfway (almost 20 weeks) and I'm not even wearing maternity clothes yet.

So... changes... looking back on them, especially the move from crib (read baby) to bed (read toddler/big girl), is not as traumatic as the first night when I peeked in on her and I wondered where my baby girl went. And I know in a few years I'll peek in on her and wonder where my tripping toddler went, and so on... It seems that more changes happen more often lately and I wonder if I'll ever get used to it... and I wonder if when she's 20, I'll look at Annie and remember the first night she changed from my baby to my big girl in the blink of an eye....

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