24 June 2011

Five MInute Friday - Wonder

This is from the website: The Gypsy Mama. It's called 5 Minute Friday and the rules are to write about the theme (this week is Wonder). But you're only allowed five minutes.

I thought it might be a good way to get some regular writing. So here goes:

Frank Sinatra sang a song about being "Young at Heart".

At one point in my life that was my goal, to never lose that wide-eyed outlook on the world. Somehow though, in the midst of adult concerns like mortgages, taxes, fire insurance, housekeeping, politics, the economy, and most of all striving to be a good mom that got lost. I am slowly trying to find it again.

For example, one morning this week as we were eating breakfast, a blue jay decided to duke it out with two robins for the worm-hunting rights in our garden. He was an arrogant fellow, bright blue body contrasting with black crowned head twisting and turning and exerting his rights. The robins, seemingly with the attitude of seeing it all before, gave ground. Only to return when the jay flew off after a matter of minutes, not content to stay in one spot.

I could have turned my back on this spectacle in order to concentrate on getting breakfast into my two little girls, doing dishes, starting the tidy up. All the things that fit into the schedule and "need" to get done. But I didn't. Instead, I dragged my chair to the window so A could see and we watched the little drama play out between these creatures. She was enthralled. The colours, the bobbing heads, the pecking beaks, the black intelligent eyes, the flutter of wings. I experienced the wonder with her, through her eyes.

I was glad that I ignored the "should do" and took a moment for wonder.

The wonder of a creation that takes my breath away with its beauty.

The wonder of the Creator who never ceases to amaze me with His love and grace.

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